Body Experiences

Customize your body treatment with a choice of body scrubs that best suit your skin type. Our expert therapists blend individually prepared scrubs based on your preference to provide the maximum benefit to you. In case of sun burn, we recommend our after sun treatment in order to pamper your skin after a long day at the beach. Body scrubs are popular body treatments with the purpose to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Abrasive natural scrub bases such as coconut, brown sugar, herbal, or mango are mixed with oils and rubbed over the entire body to exfoliate the skin. After the scrub has been performed, the mixture is rinsed off under a thorough shower followed by a warm towel. The 50-minute body treatment ends with the application of a moisturizer to the body / The 80-minute body treatment ends with a full body customized massage.
50 / 80 min.

ANTI - CELLULITE BODY TREATMENT An ideal way to minimize the look of cellulite, this ritual stimulates the lymphatic system with an incredible bandage sculpted to the shape of your body. Minerals from the wrap are absorbed into your skin and toxins are drawn out to leave you feeling and looking immediately slimmer and more toned. We recommend a course of 4 treatments for the maximum benefit.
80 min.