Spa Reservations / General Information

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Access to the first floor of the Spa is complementary to JW guests. There is a $300 MXN fee to access the second floor of the Spa. The fee will be waived at the purchase of any of the one hour Spa services. A $300 MXN fee per level will be applied for Marriott Cancun Resort guests using the Spa facilities. The general public will be charged a fee of $600 MXN for use both levels. Access to the second level of the Spa will be available to the general public and it is not necessary purchasing any treatment.

We recommend you schedule your Spa Services in advance. The Hotel Concierge and our Resort advisors will gladly assist you. Please notify the therapist about any medical or non medical condition you have that might influence the treatment: heart problems, allergies, claustrophobia, any skin condition or sensitivity, pregnancy, muscles or bone conditions, hormonal problems, respiratory problems, recent surgery, back injury or any other medical restriction for Spa treatments.

It is contraindicated to have any Spa treatment while being under the influence of alcohol or any drugs that will affect your alertness. Mother to be treatments must be done after the first trimester of pregnancy. In an effort to maintain a tranquil environment, the Spa is a non smoking area; we also ask you to switch your mobile phones off or on silent mode; any mobile phone calls should be taken in the reception area only.

In order to respect the privacy of our guests, taking pictures or videos in the Spa area is strictly forbidden. Nurture your luxury experience and arrive at the Spa 30 min prior to your treatment time; allow your body to indulge in the heat of the sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and indoor pool. Please keep in mind that arriving late for your treatment will limit the total treatment time so that other guests will not be inconvenienced.

If you have any preference for a male or female therapist, we encourage you to specify upon making the reservation. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Gratuities are a matter of your personal discretion and should reflect the level of your satisfaction; customary gratuities are between 15% to 20%.